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Newest Downloads
Nvidia GeForce 306.23 WHQL 64-bit
Nvidia GeForce 306.23 WHQL 32-bit
GeForce 306.02 BETA 32-bit
GeForce 306.02 BETA 64-bit
A New Dawn Nvidia demo - AMD patch
GeForce 305.68 WHQL Win 7 64-bit
GeForce 305.68 WHQL Win 7 32-bit
AMD Catalyst 12.8 XP 32-bit
AMD Catalyst 12.8 WHQL 64-bit
AMD Catalyst 12.8 WHQL 32-bit
Most Downloaded
RivaTuner v2.24c
3DMark03 Build 3.6.0
3DMark06 v120 Basic Edition
ATI Tray Tools
Guru3D - Driver Sweeper (Setup)
ForceWare Coolbits 2.0
3DMark05 v130 build 1901
Sandra XL
3DMark 2001 SE build 330
AquaMark 3

Videocards - Handy Utilities
SoftTH - Software Triplehead 1.07 beta
Videocards - Handy Utilities | 0,5 MB | 9285 downloads
SoftTH allows using three monitor "triplehead" with Direct3D 8 and 9 games without special hardware. You need three monitors attached to PCI Express video cards. Only one card does all the rendering work, so secondary card can be a low end card, only Direct3D support is required.
GPU-Z 0.2.1
Videocards - Handy Utilities | 0.4 MB | 13478 downloads
GPU-Z is a lightweight utility designed to give you all information about your video card and GPU.
GPU-Z 0.1.9
Videocards - Handy Utilities | 0,4 MB | 26480 downloads
GPU-Z is a lightweight utility designed to give you all information about your video card and GPU.
NVIDIA BIOS Editor v4.0 (Nibitor)
Videocards - Handy Utilities | 548 KB MB | 41048 downloads
NiBitor is a BIOS tweaker that supports the latest NVIDIA graphics cards, and which is updated on a regular basis.
nvFlash v5.63 - NVIDIA Firmware Utility
Videocards - Handy Utilities | 0,2 MB | 59768 downloads
NVIDIA Firmware Update Utility (nvFlash)
UltraMon 3.0.2 (3.0 Beta 2.1)
Videocards - Handy Utilities | 2.10 MB | 7781 downloads
The essential multi-monitor software - helps you get the most out of your multi-monitor system.
Fraps v2.9.4
Videocards - Handy Utilities | 945 KB MB | 65341 downloads
Fraps is a universal Windows application that can be used with all games using DirectX or OpenGL technology.
D3DGear 2.0
Videocards - Handy Utilities | 4,16 MB MB | 12893 downloads
Measures 3D game frame rate and display frame rate on screen.
NVIDIA overscan compensation Fix
Videocards - Handy Utilities | 45 KB MB | 25523 downloads
A tool to be able to resize the HDTV Desktop (adjust overscan compensation setting) with GeForce 8800 based graphics cards on Windows XP.
Microsoft SLI and CrossFire HotFIX (KB936710)
Videocards - Handy Utilities | 1.88 MB MB | 30829 downloads
Hotfix KB936710 Microsoft SLI and CrossFire Windows Vista 32/64-bit
NVIDIA NvFlash 5.40
Videocards - Handy Utilities | 380 KB MB | 31306 downloads
flash bios version 5.40 (dos & Windows) for NVIDIA graphics cards
Rivatuner Core 2 Duo Temperature Monitor Plugin
Videocards - Handy Utilities | 167 KB MB | 140750 downloads
This is a handly small RivaTuner plugin to help you monitoring your Core2Duo processor temperatures.
Core Temp v0.9.0.91
Videocards - Handy Utilities | 90 KB MB | 45255 downloads
This is a new program that allows you to monitor Intel's "Core", "Core 2" and all AMD K8 chips' die temperature.
Guru3D - NvTempLogger
Videocards - Handy Utilities | 490 KB MB | 107616 downloads
This is a simple program that is used to watch the temperature (Core and Ambient) of Nvidia Based GPUs.
NVIDIA Firmware Update Utility 5.18
Videocards - Handy Utilities | 215 KB MB | 34261 downloads
Windows 2000/XP/2003/x64
Farcry Pre-Release HDR + AA patch
Videocards - Handy Utilities | 5 MB MB | 82786 downloads
This is a long awaited HDR + AA patch for Farcry.
PCI Latency Tool 3.1 v2
Videocards - Handy Utilities | 150 KB MB | 337034 downloads
Utility to set PCI Latency and possibly prevent game stutter or improve FPS.
The Catalyst Uninstaller
Videocards - Handy Utilities | 65 KB MB | 215810 downloads
This tool is used to uninstall ATI related files from your system.
nTweaker 2.0
Videocards - Handy Utilities | 0.2 MB | 37839 downloads
You might have heard about tweaked driver such as StarStorm, Omega, nVIDIA Optimized Driver, etc. Do you know that tweaked driver is driver with special setttings to improve image quality and performance. But is it really neccessary to reinstall whole driver for extra settings? It's like you're trying to reinstall Windows to get the same Windows with some reg tweaks. Now it's for revolution. You don't need to waste your time and risk your PC for driver reinstallation. nTweaker will handle it in simple and safe way than people ever imagined!
Tweak MCE PowerToy 2.0
Videocards - Handy Utilities | 1 MB MB | 7237 downloads
Tweak MCE gives you access to systems settings and options not normally exposed in the Windows XP Media Center Edition user interface, including remote control settings, Skip and Replay time customizations, user interface options, and more.
DirectX Video Acceleration (DXVA)
Videocards - Handy Utilities | 3.4 MB | 115031 downloads
After a long wait... Microsoft finally releases the patch for WMP10 to enable hardware acceloration for video cards that support it!
NvFlash Tool 5.13
Videocards - Handy Utilities | 250 KB MB | 40521 downloads
With this utility it is possible to flash your NVIDIA graphics card with a new bios.
NVIDIA NVFlash 5.10
Videocards - Handy Utilities | 200 KB MB | 55677 downloads
With this utility it is possible to flash your NVIDIA graphics card with a new bios.
nVidia - Nasty File Remover
Videocards - Handy Utilities | 196 kB MB | 289513 downloads
NFR is a small util to scan the system folder for nVidia files, and delete selected files. This is handy when you are down/upgrading you'r current driver version, so you don't have any 'leftover' files when the new drivers are installed.
Detonator R.I.P.
Videocards - Handy Utilities | 31 KB - Software requirers Microsoft .NET MB | 342843 downloads
This free utility is designed to remove the remains of Detonator AFTER your have uninstalled the ‘nVdia Detonator/Display drivers’ from the Windows’s Add/Remove programs option in the Control Panel.
Detonator Destroyer
Videocards - Handy Utilities | 72 KB MB | 506978 downloads
Detonator Destroyer is the only tool that completely removes detonator drivers from your Windows 95 (All versions),Windows98,Windows 98SE,Windows ME system. It removes all versions of detonators from 6.XX up!
Videocards - Handy Utilities | 614kb MB | 222491 downloads
Windows 2000/XP NVidia Refresh Rate Fix provides a fix for the default 60Hz refresh rate under Windows XP and Windows 2000 with NVidia display adapters. Now with Detonator 40.41 support.
ATI Radeon GlideWrapper by ZeckenSack (v0.55)
Videocards - Handy Utilities | 68kb MB | 19237 downloads
Play glide games with an ATI Radeon



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